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When BEING becomes common knowledge.

The first time someone learns about automobiles, the simple question comes up, "Where does one go to get fuel? If you were to ask anyone one on the street, almost everyone will answer " the gas station". For the majority of the collective to easily answer with the same response and with conviction, there has to be a sharing of knowledge from direct experience to have taken place. This is called common knowledge.

When some asks "How do I make myself happy?" or "Were does one go to get happy?" the questioner will undoubtedly receive hundreds of different answers with many of them in the direction of locating happiness outside of oneself. We call this object referral happiness and it's been a common theme in our society for quite some time.

When someone signs up to learn Vedic Meditation, they are introducing into their knowledge base a new vocabulary and experience we call BEING.

BEING is the state of deep inner fulfillment, the source of all thought and pure consciousness.

When we learn to meditate, we are instructed how to take the mind from it's most excited state (aka "lots of thoughts") to it's least excited state of no thought ( Being ) using a mantra from our tradition. This process is effortless because the mind is always looking one thing... greater happiness and finds the sound of the mantra very charming. As the mantra guides the mind to that deep state of fulfillment or Being, the search for happiness comes to an end and we experience no thought.

The meditator has now gained knowledge from direct experience how and where to locate happiness. The search for happiness in the objective world shifts inward towards oneself. We call this Self referral happiness.

Over time with more and more people learning to meditate and BEING becoming common knowledge, the world will experience less suffering because everyone knows how to get happy.

Love and Jai Guru Deva,



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