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How to get HAPPY in 2 easy Steps!

STEP 1: Aquire the knowledge of where happiness is located.

For the majority of the population the common experience of how to get happy can only be achieved by acquiring something outside ourselves (e.g., certain amount money, relationships, job or social status). This is what we call Object Referral Happiness because until this particular experience has been achieved I won't be happy.

Self Referral Happiness is defined as having direct contact with that place inside ourselves that is already fulfilled. Having this knowledge of where happiness is located can provide us the joyful experience of living a life in constant fulfillment regardless of the circumstances.

Now that we have the knowledge of where to look, all that is left to do is perform the action to have the experience of inner fulfillment.

STEP 2: Sit back, Relax and Enjoy Meditating

The joy of our meditation practice is that there is no effort required to experience the deep state of inner fulfillment. Simple contact with the state of inner fulfillment will naturally gives rise to us living a life of Self Referral Happiness.

Incorporating these two simple steps into our lives can transform anyone into living a life of pure happiness.....regardless of the outcome.

If you would like to hear more about how to get happy, sign up for a free intro talk. :)


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