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Meditation in the Workplace. Part 4: Reducing Sick Leave

Businesses who provide meditation as a corporate benefit are simultaneously increasing productivity while lowering the amount of employee sick leave.

Believe it or not but stress accumulation doesn't just start when we arrive to work but can begin as soon as we wake up.

How do we get stressed? Anytime there is a change of expectation or a demand made on us then we get stressed. There is nothing wrong with getting stressed but not being able to let go of the stress or staying stressed is a problem.

As stress accumulation builds in our physiology, eventually there will be a spilling over effect of the stress that can manifest (e.g., headaches, anxiety, fever, colds, flu, migraine) in many ways causing us to take time off from our work. However once we start feeling better and are ready to return, we can experience the not so fun reality of having to play catch up with previous tasks or having to make up for any work hours lost. For many of us, the returning to work itself can cause the cycle of stress accumulation to start all over.

The most effective way to eliminate the multiple manifestations of stress is to provide our physiology with deep rest....daily. Practitioners of Vedic meditation are experts in how to cultivate deep and profound rest in the body. The first sitting of meditation is done in the morning for 20 minutes and the second sitting of 20 minutes is done sometime in the early evening.

The effects of resting deeply will not only rid the body of normal everyday stress but most importantly release the deep layers of stress that we've been holding on to. Very soon we begin to cultivate a nervous system that is highly adaptable and capable of successfully meeting the demands of the day. The days of holding onto old stresses in the body have been released and the need to call out has dramatically reduced.


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