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 Vedic Meditation College Course 

Start your own Meditation Club, Society and Community on Campus!

Learn how to achieve the best education without any of the stress and raise the collective consciousness together.  

Students Chatting

Host a Learn to Meditate Course on campus in 3 easy steps! 

Step 1. Schedule a free 45min Introductorty Talk on campus.   

This talk will explain:

  • The benefits of learning to meditate.

  • Why we use no effort or concentration to meditate.

  • How to eliminate stress and maximize your brain power. 

  • How to learn on campus and start building your community!

* Minimum of 10 student attendees.

Step 2.  Host a Learn to Meditate Course.

  • This course will be held over 4 consecutive days and lasting 90 min each day.

Step 3.  Enjoy ongoing support for your community. 

  • Receive complimentary access to weekly group meditations and knowledge sessions with Michael on campus. This is a great opportunity to receive support for your ongoing practice and connect with other meditators.



  • Concentration and memory

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Mental clarity

  • Greater happiness

  • Energy 

  • Confidence 

  • Personal relationships 


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How easy is it to host a Learn to Meditate Course at my school?

Very easy! Students receive great support from the faculty by providing students with access to classrooms and auditoriums at no cost. This creates the ideal environment to host an Intro Talk, Learn to Meditate course, group meditation and community building activities without having to leave campus.


2. I want to learn to meditate but I'm not ready to host a course on campus.

It's ok, I offer weekly courses in the Los Angeles area that you can sign up for at anytime. Also, you'll still be able to learn at the student discounted rate. To see the schedule for the next course offering, click here.


3. How much is the course fee for full time students working towards a degree?

The standard course fee ranges from $800 - $2500. College students receive a 37% discount and can learn to meditate for only $500.  Upon completion of the course, students can retake the last 3-days of the course for free as many times as they like. Graduates of the course will also receive complementary (free) access to weekly group meditations and knowledge meetings.

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