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“I learned Vedic meditation when I was 8 months pregnant. I have practiced since then and integrated meditation into my routine (or lack there of) for the first 3 months of my new baby’s life. Since returning to work full-time, I still enjoy meditating (a bit more routinely now) before I start my day and on my lunch break, most often. It’s like preventative maintenance for the mind, body and soul. It provides me respite and has also brought me some magical experiences. Michael Olvera is a thoughtful teacher and I recommend him to anyone!”

Caitlyn - Service Advisor 

"I was fortunate to have Michael initiate me into the beautiful practice that is Vedic meditation in 2019 and incessantly support me through what has been a life transformative experience. Since learning to meditate, I’ve experienced tremendous benefits in my professional career and personal life, most noticeable in an increasing capability to handle stress, to relate to others, how rested I feel and the quality of sleep, as well as an entirely new outlook on life, one that encompasses more joy, self-assurance and purpose. Besides his comprehensive mastery and natural talent for teaching, Michael made me feel at ease and fully held during the profound experience that has been integrating knowledge over the last four years. I am infinitely grateful to Michael for his ever present guidance, authenticity and generosity."

Isabel - Deputy Program Director 

I contacted Michael to inquire into the possibility of him giving an intro talk to all my employees over the course of a couple days in hopes that many of them would want to sign up to learn how to meditate.  Michael was extremely positive, accommodating and professional.  Michael comes from an incredible lineage of teachers and has invested hundreds of hours of time into being trained the right way to teach it. 


Michael did a great job getting the timing suited for both their schedule and the company’s.  As a prior manager, Michael has the experiential understanding to make the best decisions to help balance everything perfectly for all parties involved.  All the employees loved Michael and we all felt very comfortable having him spend so much time with us. The experience changed the atmosphere of our business and I am looking forward to having Michael back out here to do it again this year! 


"In short, if you are interested in bringing meditation to your business as a corporate benefit, In addition to being a highly trained and experienced teacher, Michael is perfectly suited for the job due to his unique background and knowledge of business operations.  You won’t have to spend any time or energy explaining the importance of basic managerial or company ethics because Michael has been a corporate manager for many years! It was an absolute pleasure having him at our business."


John - Business Owner 


"I began learning Vedic Meditation at the age of 67 and my teacher Michael showed me the way.  

As a meditator, my outlook on life and my well being has greatly improved.  In my day to day life my stress level has lessened immensely and with less stress I’m more organized. While there have been a few heartbreaking events that I have dealt with, my meditation practice is  what has helped me to overcome them.  Michael is always available to answer my questions I may and explain them to me in a way I can easily understand. I look forward to my daily meditations because its “my time” and that’s my priority before I start the day.  I don't know why I waited so long …. "


Diane - Legal Exec. Assistant

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