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Meditation in the Workplace. Part 3 - Customer Service

Meditators deliver the highest value of customer service because they possess the knowledge of how to access greater stability, adaptability and capability. Starting the day strong and ending just as strong is their motto.

For non-meditators, the common experience is to arrive to work with plenty of energy but to also finish the day feeling tired and stressed.

It's very important for employers and employees to have the knowledge of how to access the energy required to provide a wow customer experience at all times of the day consistently. This knowledge ensures that a companies commitment to the highest level of engagement is not dependent on the start times of ones shift.

Customers themselves feel less engaged with businesses towards the end of the day due to stress and fatigue. As the effects of daily stress and loss of energy start to build up in the customer, so to does the ability to make clear purchasing decisions that can leave them to feeling frustrated.

This information is highly valuable because it informs businesses that the level of customer engagement required later in the day will now have to become stronger, more supportive and empathetic if they are to successfully interact with the customers needs.

Fortunately for meditators, these demands are easily fulfilled. This due to the effects of resting deeply that our meditation practice brings. After meditating, one feels refreshed because their adaptation energy levels are restored, bring more stability, adaptability and capability to the customer experience.


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