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Meditation in the Workplace. Part 2 - Productivity

To receive the maximum output of high productivity from our physiology requires the knowledge of how to experience deep rest.

From the perspective of our meditation practice, rest is the basis for any activity. This is because when we meditate our body is resting 2 times more deeply than it does at the deepest point in a nights sleep. This deep and profound rest nourishes our physiology with the qualities of adaptation energy, mental clarity and happiness. The capacity to provide goods and services consistently to meet the needs of clients promotes a positive economic growth for the company and its employees.

Meditators showcase their high level of productivity by:

  • Arriving to work on time with a positive attitude and ready for the days tasks.

  • Consistently completing tasks on-time.

  • If tasks are completed early, one has plenty of energy to help out elsewhere if needed.

  • Taking on greater roles of responsibility.

  • Leads by example.

  • Know how to prioritize.

  • Solves problems.

  • Less injuries because of safety awareness.

  • Ending the tasks of the day with the same enthusiasm and alertness as when they first started.

  • Greater job satisfaction.

Successful interactions like theses bring great value to the production output of a company. The best way to ensure that stress does not decelerate ones productivity level is to practice Vedic Meditation. Arriving and departing from work with plenty of energy and mental clarity is the best way to set ourselves up for success.



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