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Meditation in the Workplace. Part 1- Integrity

Integrity - Always doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Almost all business have some form of integrity written into their mission statement or values. Businesses that have implemented Vedic Meditation have a much greater advantage to consistently uphold the company's values. This is because the experience of deep and profound rest from meditating provides the individual with the mental clarity to make the right decisions consistently and not allow the effects of stress to cloud their better judgement.

For many in the workplace, it's easy to arrive to work with plenty of energy and ready to start the day off strong. This is because our physiology has yet to be exposed to the ever changing demands of the day or daily stresses.

As stress accumulation in our physiology grows, our ability to effectively adapt to changes in the workplace decreases leaving ones contribution to the overall group effort to diminish. For the majority of individuals, this loss of adaptation energy runs out sometime during the middle of their shift.

Loss of adaptation energy can lead too:

  • Clouded judgement

  • Behaviors that cut across the interest of others.

  • Poor communication in-person / emails.

  • Decrease of enthusiasm.

  • Searching for shortcuts to get by.

  • Going to into the flight / flight mode.

As the behaviors like the ones listed above start to arise, the potential of harm impacting the customer experience, employee and employer dramatically increases.

The most effective way to increase our adaptation energy so that we may not put ourselves in the position of making less integrous decisions is to meditate. Our meditation practice consists of two 20 minute sittings. The first meditation is done in the morning before we arrive to work and the second meditation sometime later in the day at home or even at work.

Because our practice only requires a chair with comfortable back support, we can easily meditate on a bench, in the car and on public transportation. In my experience, I always found it most beneficial to meditate during my lunch break (in my car) because I knew that I would arrive back to work feeling refreshed and ready!

The profound rest one experiences from their meditation provides the right amount of energy to effortlessly adapt to the tasks ahead. This is where business that have implemented Vedic Meditation have the advantage. Providing employees with the tool to become experts of their own stress management creates a workforce of highly integrous and self-sufficient individuals.


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