Advanced Technique

For anyone who has practiced Vedic Meditation consistently for at least 12 months, I recommended they obtain an Advanced Technique. In Vedic Meditation, an Advanced Technique cultures the meditators level of thinking so it can operate at the finest level of pure consciousness.   


An Advanced Technique may involve a meditator learning a variation or elongation of their existing mantra.




To obtain an Advanced Technique, the meditator will attend the first day of class and will bring the traditional offerings for a new initiation ceremony. The meditator is also required to attend one day of follow-up within 4 days so that the correct use of their Advanced Technique can be verified and validated. 



In order to receive an Advanced Technique, a meditator must have been trained in Vedic Meditation and practicing consistently for at least one year. 

Course Fee


Course fee for an Advanced Technique is $600.

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