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Advanced Technique

For anyone who has practiced an existing technique consistently for at least 12 months, it is recommended that they obtain an Advanced Technique.  In Vedic Meditation, an Advanced Technique is designed to take one’s awareness to that stratum, that layer of consciousness, that comprises the interface between thinking and pure silent consciousness.  In short, it allows the meditator to integrate that elusive, deeply charming state that we slip into in our deepest meditations, into every moment of our awakened state.  A good example of how and Advanced Technique supports us in our evolution is a car shifting from a low gear to a higher gear to gain speed.  We can get where we need to go in first gear, but it will take much longer than if we shifted to a higher gear.


An Advanced Technique may involve a meditator learning a variation or elongation of their existing mantra, or it may involve learning an advanced method of using the mantra they have already received. 



To obtain an Advanced Technique, a meditator will attend the first day of Introduction to Mediation class, and will bring the traditional offerings for a new initiation ceremony.  The student will sit in with the class on the first day after receiving the new mantra, and must return to at least one more class that week to check the usage of the mantra and provide the advanced student further coaching.



In order to receive an Advanced Technique, a meditator must have been trained in Vedic Meditation and practicing consistently for at least one year. 

Course Fee


Course fee for an Advanced Technique is $600.

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